ANN Schiltz


Ann Schiltz 

Belgium 1954

After a fascinating international career in design and fashion, she decided to devote herself entirely to her passion, to create.

She’s got her own studio. She usually uses ceramics to express herself. But all kinds of obvious materials, or object found as carbage, can be combined.

It’s not simple to reduce Ann’s works to the same denominator.

Her inspirations are too different. She’s driven by social incomprehensibility, moved by music, meeting different people, nature, silence. Humour runs through it like a thread.

She’s always looking for the ultimate thing, sometimes farfetched, often simple. And not only in small works.

Spring is always the moment when inspiration begins and big works might be created to put in parks and gardens. She uses prunings to create original works.

Ann not only followed ceramics in the academy of arts in Dendermonde under Frank Steyaert, but also numerous master classes with famous foreign ceramists. Her first expo was in 2002 in Brasschaat, where she lives. Later also in Bruges, Brussels, Germany, France etc. some of her creations are permanently in the ceramic museum of Torhout and one in the ‘letterenhuis” museum in Antwerp.